Values and Philosophy - CCM

Values and Philosophy

CCM Construction Services, LLC believes in implementing industry best practices as well as making continuous improvements in our processes and client deliverables.   In that regard, CCM has derived a set of Core Values and adheres to a standardized Cost Estimating Methodology.

Estimations for Construction Projects by CCMCore Values

The CCM Construction Services, LLC Core Values are:

  • due diligence is performed for each and every unique cost assessment
  • maintain direct communication with project team allowing clear understanding of scope of work
  • on time delivery is essential
  • client confidentiality is protected at all times
  • respond to client requests, modifications, and ad-hoc assessments in a timely manner
  • adoption of American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) estimating ethics

Cost Estimating Methodology

The CCM cost estimating methodology is straightforward and a team approach – we…

  • become an active member of the project team for all cost-related aspects
  • gain an understanding of required cost and scheduling data, scenarios, segregations, and alternates
  • evaluate the appropriate construction means and methods and tabulate project quantities
  • derive estimated costs by evaluating current market conditions, special considerations, phasing, and specialty item quotes
  • develop mark-ups based on unique project parameters
  • assemble cost data and estimate particulars in a consistent and concise manner
  • share information for design team collaboration – review, comments, and input finalize deliverables incorporating all feedback from the project team