Cost Estimation from CCM

Cost Estimating

Construction Estimations from CCM

CCM Construction Services, LLC provides comprehensive cost estimating solutions to your project teams.  We provide assessments for planned, ongoing, and completed construction projects.  Our estimating services include:

Design-Phase Cost Estimating

  • Cost evaluation of design alternatives and concepts
  • Preparation of design-phase estimates including conceptual, schematic design, design development, and construction document packages
  • Review of drawings and specifications for errors, omissions, and trade consistency

Estimations for Construction Projects by CCM

Estimating & Cost Management

  • Estimate review; design, construction, and post-construction phases
  • Quantity take-off and evaluation of third-party quantity tabulations
  • Bid analysis and evaluation of contractor qualifications

Conceptual Budget Planning

  • Feasibility and budget estimates
  • Master planning cost estimating and analysis